11 Tools For Web3 Marketing

Tolga Özek
3 min readJul 11, 2023


Web3 area is growing like rocket ! When we talk about marketing in Web3, it is harder than like it is handled in Web2 as you can ‘t easily segment your community with defined criterieas operated by CRM teams and provisioned in strategic marketing aspect.

So, marketing tools are essential to reach out communities that are eager for adoption in Web3. Most marketing tools that I’ll give introduction as below are focusing giveaway, raffle systems but some of them are distinguishing in terms of validating more humanized way and even forcing actions of token sales. Main point is to direct community to do some tasks with point mechanisms to let them get more chances in giveaways, raffles or in rankings. Before starting, here my 3 top ones as a user: Zealy, Tropee and Gleam.

You may reach out any platform by clicking sub header below. I wonder your opinions by the way: Which top 3–5 did you like most after reading out this article? Please share in the comments ;)


This platform can be categorized in Gleam, distinguishes from many of others in terms of showing leaderboard during marketing / giveaway campaign.

Mainly WAX ecosystem uses bountyblok and NFT tools are differentiating pillars of the platform.


Galxe is an another task based marketing tool in the ecosystem. I see mostly Twitter and discord engagement campaigns are executed on the platform. The platform checks validity of the account by requesting some tweets and actions at first step.

Mostly Twitter spaces participations are validated and rewarded.


Giveaway.com is not web3 born platform but recently it has increased its marketing efforts in web3 area.


Givelab may be classified as Gleam.io and Sweepwidget in many aspects. Its code may be embedded to websites to drive more interaction.


Gleam is probably the most famous one in all 11 tools with competitions, rewards features along gallery and capture features. You may set many conditions for your giveaways such as visiting a website, retweeting a post, adding your wallet etc. You may use Gleam via your twitter, e-mail, discord options.

You also may add your Gleam.io links to your Linktree link.


Incubated by Hogwarts Labs, QuestN defines itself as GaaS — Growth as a service. It sounds like TaskOn and Galxe but have very decent use. Community that earns points and participates campaigns are called as Questers.


If you ask me about my first preference in terms of design and user experience, i would definitely answer as TaskOn. It really have a nice design and satisfies you in view. It possesses important pillars of other projects and mostly ones that prioritizes tasks done.


Tropee is more gamified platform in this segment with score rankings of Tropees, Communities and Creators. The platform has e-mail and Web3 wallet options. Mostly NFT projects seem beneficiary of Tropee.

The platform is proud to share utilities on event engagement for NFT Paris event as “The use of utilities on Tropee for NFT Paris was a massive success, more than 1,100 discount codes were claimed by holders from 85+ NFT collections, resulting in a significant sales boost, with a total of 502 tickets sold via Tropee.”

I personally like design of the platform in general and personalization way of doing it.


This platform may look like lite and modest version of Gleam.io.

It may be considered for some low budget campaigns.


Soquest is a product of Port3 Network. It posesses some pillars of others. The platform is only connected via web3 wallets.


Previously branded as Crew3, Zealy is on hype in 2023 preferred by many crypto / blockchain projects. It provides two options at the same under All Sprints and Current Sprint modes. It’s more like finish-this-move-next model. I had a chance to see a campaign that required proof of some amount of tokens. It has a proof based manner in some levels. Ranking mode motivates communities to join. Connecting to platform is done via Wallet, Discord and e-mail.